Time, Talent, and Treasure

This past week we had our monthly assembly at St. Mary’s and we had the pleasure of having two speakers this week. This week’s talk was about Financial Stewardship and our speakers were sister Jaina and Tito Vince. We were also blessed with brother Jed’s first time leading worship!

What is Financial Stewardship?

We are merely stewards of God’s blessings. But what does that really mean? Let’s break down what a steward and a blessing is.


  • someone who protects or is responsible for money, property, etc
  • a person whose job is to manage the land and property of another person

Parable of Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)


  • help and approval from God
  • something that helps you or brings happiness

Some of the ways that we can be stewards of God’s blessings is by sharing them with others. By sharing our blessings with others, our blessings become multiplied by the others that we share with. Some of the blessings that we can share with others are Time, Talent, and Treasure.


One of the most invaluable things that one can do to be a steward of God’s blessing is by sharing time. This can be anything to volunteering to help at a homeless shelter, hosting a household, attending assemblies, and etc.


We each have our own individual talents, and those can be multiplied tenfold by sharing our talents with others, and they can in turn possibly share their talent with you. The cycle is likely to continue and more talents can be used and shared. Do you have a God given talent that you can share with others to glorify God? Some teach others sports, or baking/cooking skills, or maybe even a talent in writing/speaking for sharing a testimony.


We are called to share our treasure with God in the form of tithes. Traditionally tithes are 10% of your income that are reserved to give back to God for your blessings to further God’s kingdom. Tithes should be given to your home parish, but as a part of SFC, you are asked to offer a Love Offering for the community to continue running and promote growth of the community.

“For where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
– Matthew 6:21

Where do our Love Offerings go within the community?

Tito Vince gave us an insight into where our monthly “tithes” aka Love Offering goes within the community within a monthly basis. CFC and Ministries in SoCal over the course of a month spend an average of $9,500.


Before the monthly expenses are calculated, 30% of all Love Offerings goes towards the CFC National Fund. This fund is used for: the International Mission Fund (this is how CFC is a global organization doing work around the globe), support for Full-Time Pastoral Workers, and support for missions outside of the US.

Aside from the donation into the Global Fund and the expenses shown in the chart above, there is also other expenses that sometimes happen depending on events within the month. CFC may also accrue more expenses for CLP Allowance, Church Love Offerings, Bereavement, and Mission Support. For CFC SoCal, our mission area that we support is New Mexico.

Currently about 30% of our members contribute regularly for Love Offerings to CFC, our challenge is to get the remaining 70% of our members to also contribute. The amount does not matter, but rather give what you are able to share with the community. If the current 70% were to sacrifice maybe a coffee or boba or whatever else and commit to donating $5 a month, we would be able to raise an additional $7,619 per month for the community.

Let’s make it our goal this year as a community to Pray More, Save More, Give More, and Love More.

How can I give to the community?

There are several ways that members can give their Love Offering to the community. Here are some of the ways that our members give theirs:

  • Love Offering Envelope during Assembly
  • Love Offering Envelope during Household
  • Post-Dated Checks Given to Chapter Head
  • Auto-BillPay sent to Chapter Head

If you have any questions about how to donate your Love Offering please let your Household Head, or talk to your Chapter Head.

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