November Teaching – Changed, Challenged, Chosen

We had our “forefather” kuya JY (John Yumul) give us a teaching that older members may recognize, especially if you were at this year’s Conference. It was similar to the talk that Kuya Shok gave as the last talk of the Conference. The message may have been heard before but it is always a great reminder and a great teaching that can mean different things for each person at different parts of life. We were reminded that through God we are Changed, Challenged, and Chosen.

Before we all got started, we began the night with the Holy Rosary and had dinner. Not long after, Bro JY taught us a new song called Set A Fire.

“No place I would rather be
No place I would rather be
No place I would rather be
Than here in your love, here in your love

Set a fire down in my soul
That I can’t contain that I can’t control
I want more of You, God
I want more of You, God”

Will Reagan & United Pursuit || Set A Fire

Bro Ralph started off the Assembly and shared about a moment of weakness and how he trusted in God to leave his worries behind. He shared about a moment in which he was challenged to find a job and a place to live before him and his family had to leave their home. He shared that this was the start of when he truly started to place his full trust in God to give him Freedom.


Bro JY reminded us that we have been changed by God. As with any relationship that we have in our lives (whether it is a significant other, family, or even friends) we are often changed and cannot be the same to maintain that relationship. We do things for others based on our relationship with others, and these relationships are what change us. This too can be said by our relationship with God. It is a relationship just like any other.

We must remember that we cannot be the same person we were before God changed our lives.


No one said that following God was going to be easy. As followers of God we are going to be constantly challenged. We all chose to be with each other to learn about God’s love and purpose for our lives, we gave up what the rest of the world is chasing

Sis Jaina shared about her challenges with her family and her financial troubles and how she placed her trust in God to get her to where she needed to be to continue school, and helping her family. She turned down a seemingly perfect job opportunity, but God told her that it wasn’t for her and that he had something else planned for her.


As being followers of God we must remind ourselves that we are Chosen. God called many, but only few were chosen. We are all here for a reason, that reason is because God chose us to be. God placed the people in our lives to bring us to where we are today. We were given the gift to be introduced to God, but now it is our turn to give that gift to others. We must remember that we are chosen to be leaders of God’s will and share that with others. We must remember to say “Yes” to service.

Sis Bea shared about her experience of bringing her family into the community. She shared that she was able to share what she has learned over the years and invited both her brother and her mother last year in the same CLP. Bea shared that she was called to share the love that God gave her so that her family could experience that as well.

To close the night Bro JY led us in a mini worship and prayer. We also celebrated the November birthdays even tho only one person was there to celebrate, Celine. We also prayed over JY, Che-Che, and JPY2 and their service in the community.

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