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A Walk For Life Testimony

This past weekend, I participated in my first Walk For Life. Plainly stated, it was one of the most moving weekends of my life.

We started the day with Mass at one of San Francisco’s beautiful cathedrals, and I was blessed to sit next to this family of 3 and hear their story:

It was their second year attending WFL. First time they went last year…the mom was still pregnant with baby Eli. The parents tried having a baby for sixteen years, and finally, God has blessed them with a son. Now, as I sat next to them, Eli is now nine months old and is now one adorable, vivacious baby!

As I reflect on what this weekend meant to this couple, I realize how blessed I am to have parents who chose life over other means, and to have a God who has breathe life in me.

As I continue to reflect and offer my thanksgiving to God during Communion, I looked to my right and was deeply humbled to be walking alongside such inspiring people: nuns and priests from different orders wearing an assortment of vestments. They always seem to be praying about something. Hmm, I wonder what it could be.

The speakers prior to the walk were charismatic with testimonials so heart-wrenching, but those weren’t my favorite part about the weekend. My favorite part were the men. Yes, the men.

I was amazed to see how many men joined the walk (the ratio was about 2/3 men within a half a mile radius, from my count)..Men from all walks of life: men in t-shirts, men in jean jackets, men in suits, men in their teens, men in their seventies…This issue is no longer the plight of women. It never has been. It is the plight of the entire family.

It is a common misconception that this walk–this issue–is about women and their rights (or as the dissenters claim, “the lack thereof”). Although, as I started walking amongst the 50,000 marchers on Saturday, I discovered that it is something more than that. It is about Responsibility.

At the point of conception to the time of death, It is the responsibility of parents to rear their younglins and teach them what they know; the responsibility of women as Mothers to care for their spouse and child; the responsibility of men to step up as Fathers to protect and provide for their family; The responsibility of the government to protect the inalienable rights of EACH human–from embryo to adult–to “LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. We have come to a generation in which people and entities shy away from their responsibilities.

…and this has got to change.

This weekend has opened my eyes in ways mere paper print, news coverage, and hearsay cannot. Experiencing it firsthand puts a real face to the “Pro-Life” Movement. I know I may still have some unanswered questions, yet, I know it is my responsibility to find the answers. Indeed, one has gotta “walk the talk” to KNOW the talk.

So, if you haven’t been, I highly recommend going next year. I cannot wait to hear your stories! 🙂