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Basketball: SFC OC Orange vs SFC OC-SD Gold

This past Sunday we had a couple basketball match ups that were a whole lot of fun! We had just barely missed OC White’s game, but I was able to make it to the OC Orange vs OC-SD Gold match. There was something special about this match, for the first 5 minutes of each half of the match we had both teams’ sisters play on their own. Check out  the post to see the great time that everyone had.

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We are SFC, We Walk For Life!

Over the past two weekends, our chapter as well as other chapters have joined together with thousands of other people in two cities to rally, walk, pray, and share our belief that every life matters. It does not matter how small, a person is a person. We believe that every person should choose life, as Mary did with Jesus.

Throughout the post there are some of the things that a few of us learned or wanted to share from these events and experiences.

Check out more pictures and videos by reading the rest of the post below!

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