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What is Lent?

As I go through my Confirmation class I am learning different ways to learn about my faith. This week in class we learned about Lent and deciding what to give up for Lent. What is this about giving up something for lent and isn’t there something about fasting as well? Let’s take a moment to reflect a little bit about the upcoming Lenten season.


What is Lent? Our catechist shared with us a video that gave a very good explanation behind why we sacrifice things during Lent. So let’s take a couple minutes to watch that.

So what did I learn from this video? One of the things that i really took out of this video is the realization is that fasting allows us to feel our physical hunger, that in turn allows us to bring physical feeling and meaning to the act of fasting and getting us in touch with our spiritual hunger. But what does that mean? Some of the things that we have issues with in our faith is that as man we find it hard to believe and feel something that we often can’t see; fasting allows us to feel our hunger and when we do it for Christ it is as if we can feel our hunger for a relationship with Christ.

Fasting is often seen as “giving up” something, but the greater thing to see it as is preparing one’s self for something greater. So when you look at it this way, we are preparing ourselves for the celebration in which we call Easter. Think of a time where you are going to have an amazing feast, maybe a birthday dinner or Thanksgiving or even something like having your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. If you know that you will be having that feast, wouldn’t you restrain yourself from snacking and having a meal before you go to that feast? Fasting for Lent is a way to prepare ourselves for the feast to celebrate Christ conquering death and freeing us from our sins. Continue reading What is Lent?