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CLP is around the Corner!

It’s that time again! We have a Christian Life Program that is just about to begin next Friday! Do you have any friends that would like to learn about CFC and it’s ministries? Invite your friends and family to our CLP at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Tustin.



If you would like more information please check out the CLP link in the main menu! Sign up and get your friends to sign up. If you feel that you have been blessed through the community, share that with someone.

Love More? Save More on Conference 2015!

We have some exciting news to share with you all! We have several ways of reducing the cost of Conference and also helping those that need help with the cost of going to Conference. We hope that you will join us to try and get as many people to experience this awesome event this summer!

As more updates come, we remind you to keep checking the Conference page which is located on the main navigation of our website. This will allow to stay up to date on everything Conference related, especially ways to lower your Conference fees!

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We are SFC, We Walk For Life!

Over the past two weekends, our chapter as well as other chapters have joined together with thousands of other people in two cities to rally, walk, pray, and share our belief that every life matters. It does not matter how small, a person is a person. We believe that every person should choose life, as Mary did with Jesus.

Throughout the post there are some of the things that a few of us learned or wanted to share from these events and experiences.

Check out more pictures and videos by reading the rest of the post below!

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SFC Database Registration

Hello everyone, we are currently trying to register everyone for the SFC Global Database. We just need a little help from you if you are a member by providing some information to us to help you get registered. If you have a minute or two please fill out the following information on the website and we will get that all setup for you. If you previously registered with your Household Head, please ignore this as you have already registered.

We have a deadline coming up soon so that we can order the first batch of ID Cards for everyone that registered on the database to have them ready for Conference!

Deadline: January 15

Register Now!

The registration will help CFC cater to our needs based on our Chapter’s demographics. This will also help us celebrate upcoming birthdays, track the Conferences you have been to, as well as other growth within the community.


CFC Thanksgiving Mass

At St Lorenzo Ruiz Parish in Walnut, Couples For Christ and their family ministries held their annual Thanksgiving Mass. Chapters from all over SoCal gathered to celebrate the Holy Eucharist together and give thanks to God for the past year.

For those of you that missed it, or even those that made it and want to listen to the Homily again, here is a video of it. I also included download links for the live recordings of the CFC Choir and the whole community singing for worship. Just right click on the links and select “Download Linked File”.

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