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The Lord’s Day – July Assembly

This past Thursday we celebrated The Lord’s Day to celebrate our newest members in our community. The Lord’s Day ceremony used to be part of the dedication of new members, but has been moved to be traditionally done on the first Assembly after a CLP has finished.

New Households

The new households have been announced! Check the list below to see who is in your new household! We also have a new Unit Head as well!

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November Teaching – Changed, Challenged, Chosen

We had our “forefather” kuya JY (John Yumul) give us a teaching that older members may recognize, especially if you were at this year’s Conference. It was similar to the talk that Kuya Shok gave as the last talk of the Conference. The message may have been heard before but it is always a great reminder and a great teaching that can mean different things for each person at different parts of life. We were reminded that through God we are Changed, Challenged, and Chosen.

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Welcoming Assembly

October Post-CLP Assembly

On October 9th we had our Post-CLP Assembly at St. Mary’s to welcome our newest members from the St. Martin Christian Life Program. We had a few new members join us for this assembly. We also found out our new households and some announcements of movement within the group.

New Household Heads:

  • Ellie
  • Elijah
  • Mary

New Unit Heads & PFOs:

  • Unit Head: Dimples
  • PFO: Kit & Lordy

New SFC Members:

  • Basil
  • Jade
  • Jed
  • Jodee
  • Karen
  • Mark
  • Maoey
  • Monica
  • Yon

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