The Lord’s Day – July Assembly

This past Thursday we celebrated The Lord’s Day to celebrate our newest members in our community. The Lord’s Day ceremony used to be part of the dedication of new members, but has been moved to be traditionally done on the first Assembly after a CLP has finished.

New Households

The new households have been announced! Check the list below to see who is in your new household! We also have a new Unit Head as well!

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Pray, Think, Speak

This past week we were able to get a teaching from Tita Maria Villanueva on a lesson of Taming the tongue. As a little change of venue, we actually had our teaching at St. Justin Martyr church in Anaheim. We learned that since we are called to serve God we must make sure that we lead with the Holy Spirit, especially in the way we speak. In order to do that we must: Pray, Think, then Speak.

Tremendous Power in our Words

Our words have a lot of power behind them, they can be used for encouragement yet also be used for discouragement. Can you remember a time in which you were lifted up by a person’s words? How about a time where you were deeply hurt by someone’s words? I sure you can remember moments where you have felt both.

“The mouth speaks what the heart is full of”
– Luke 6:4-5

With that in mind,  we must be careful with what we say to others. As it is said in Luke chapter 6, “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of”. Do you agree with this? We say what we really feel in our hearts. So if God lives within us, shouldn’t the Holy Spirit guide our words? You may have heard, “think before you speak” but lets take that further. Let us challenge each other to pray, think, then speak. Continue reading Pray, Think, Speak

SFC SoCal PreCon 2015 #SFCFirstLove

Yesterday we had a great time having worship, missions, and a talent show but we also learned about First Love. Check out the short video I made for the event, as well as the video that our very own Ellie submitted for the talent show.

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2015 SoCal Pre-Con


The 2015 Annual SoCal Pre-Con is just around the corner. It is this coming Sunday! We are excited to see everyone that can make it out this weekend to have fun, fellowship, praise, and have a little sneak peak at what we have in store for us at Conference this year!

Meet us there at American Martyrs Church in Manhattan Beach. The event starts at 8am for Registration and the games will begin at 9am. Registration will be $15, lunch will be provided.

During the event we will have competitions for Best T-Shirt Design, Best Banner Design, Best CLP Flyer Design, Talent Competition. We will also have competitive games for a Sportsfest challenge for everyone. We will also have a speaker to speak on our topic of First Love to get us ready for Conference where we will learn to Love More.

Love More? Save More on Conference 2015!

We have some exciting news to share with you all! We have several ways of reducing the cost of Conference and also helping those that need help with the cost of going to Conference. We hope that you will join us to try and get as many people to experience this awesome event this summer!

As more updates come, we remind you to keep checking the Conference page which is located on the main navigation of our website. This will allow to stay up to date on everything Conference related, especially ways to lower your Conference fees!

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Covenant Orientation 2015

This past weekend we took time to explain what it meant to be a part of SFC with some of our newest members. We had a great time and shared some time to get to know each other a little better and have some fellowship. We went over the mission and vision of SFC, prayer, scripture, sacraments, strengthening the family, being a Christian in the work place, loving and serving the poor, financial stewardship, and SFC culture.

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