Love More? Save More on Conference 2015!

We have some exciting news to share with you all! We have several ways of reducing the cost of Conference and also helping those that need help with the cost of going to Conference. We hope that you will join us to try and get as many people to experience this awesome event this summer!

As more updates come, we remind you to keep checking the Conference page which is located on the main navigation of our website. This will allow to stay up to date on everything Conference related, especially ways to lower your Conference fees!

Family Day Raffle Tickets!

Family Day is just around the corner on May 17th. That means we have under 2 months to sell our $2 raffle tickets. The raffle includes some awesome prizes that anyone should be able to appreciate, the prizes include: 13″ MacBook Pro Retina, Surface Pro 3, (2) iPad mini 3, (2) Canon Powershot SX520,  and (3) Nutribullets.

That means everyone has a chance to win any one of these prizes with only a purchase of a $2 ticket! But remember you have to play to win! Sell the tickets to friends, family, or even yourself. The winners of the prizes do not need to be present during the raffle picking, so feel free to sell tickets to anyone that wants a chance to win!

How Does It Help Me?

Ticket booklets come in groups of 25 tickets at the price of $2 a ticket. That means the booklet is worth $50. The raffle works in a 75%-25% split, that means that 75% of the ticket sales go back to the person that sold the ticket and 25% will go to CFC SoCal to expense the cost of the printing of tickets and the prizes. So if you are able to sell a whole booklet and turn in the money, you will receive $37.50 back towards your Conference fees.

One way that you can also look at this raffle, is that if you buy tickets for yourself you now have 1 chance per ticket to winning one of the prizes for the cost of $.50 per ticket while also earning $1.50 per ticket towards your Conference registration!

Another awesome thing that can be done is this: if you don’t need financial help for Conference but want to help someone that requires financial assistance you can partner with Ralph and Jelly to list one of our other members as the beneficiary for the sale of the ticket. Help us get everyone that wants to go to Conference to go with a smaller financial burden!

Tickets and Deadlines

Ticket booklets can be requested from Ralph, send him an email or a text so that you can request a booklet and get one.

If you feel like you are having trouble selling some of your tickets, please give them back to Ralph, your HH Head, Unit Head, or PFO so that we can get them out to people that may be able to sell more tickets. We ask that you try and get them back to us by April 25 so that we have time to redistribute them.

The last day to turn in the ticket stubs for the raffle will be on Thursday May 14th. This allows us to count all the tickets and make sure they are all present before submitting them for the raffle.



We are also holding a Zumba event on April 8 from 8pm-10pm at the hall at St. Mary’s of Fullerton. We have experienced trainers coming in for two hours to teach us all how to Zumba! The cost will be a low price of $5 for one hour or $10 for two hours; bring out all of your friends and have a good time dancercising (dancing/exercising). More information coming soon!

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