Covenant Orientation 2015

This past weekend we took time to explain what it meant to be a part of SFC with some of our newest members. We had a great time and shared some time to get to know each other a little better and have some fellowship. We went over the mission and vision of SFC, prayer, scripture, sacraments, strengthening the family, being a Christian in the work place, loving and serving the poor, financial stewardship, and SFC culture.

Here is what George had to say about this Covenant Orientation.

“This retreat was super amazing! From the speakers to the service team to the participants to the praise and worship. Errthang was soo awesoome!! Not to mention the activities and the talent show on saturday night. Everybody just seemed to have become closer to one another and opened up more. Other people that u dont usually see talk to each other started talking with each other.

Hidden talents were exposed. Amazing speakers uncovered. Brothers and sisters becoming more open to serve. Love it! One of the best things for me though, is having to witness people be able to go to confession and see their souls be cleansed and made new. That made everything worth it. Overall, this retreat was FRUITFUL. Magnifico.”

CO weekend was such a blessing! I was able to learn more about my community and value the importance of our vision/mission. It was a good reminder for me to lead by example so that others can experience God’s love and mercy 🙂

“CO was such a great bonding and learning experience!”

“It was very enlightening and it was an eye opener when it comes to serving the poor. I loved how I got to bond with my brothers & sisters.”

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