Conference 2015 Updates!

Greetings everyone,

We have a few updates for everyone on the upcoming Conference in August of this year. The updates include the updated registration costs, update on the hotel accommodations, and the current list of registered members. Make sure to check the list to confirm you are registered!


This year’s theme is Love More. The Bible passage that our theme is based from is John 21:15-17.

Registration Fees

The Earliest Bird Registration has come and gone, and we are now in the next stage of registration fees. Here are the current and upcoming Registration Fees for the Conference. There is also now an electronic payment option available via PayPal for a small $6 fee.

  • January 16 to March 31, 2015 – $175
  • April 1 to June 1, 2015 – $185
  • July 1 to August 15, 2015 – $195
  • Chicago 2014 Attendees – May 31 – $150


This year’s conference is going to be held at the South San Francisco Conference Center. The Conference center is just north of the San Francisco Airport and shares the parking lot with the Holiday Inn Hotel that we plan to stay at.

South San Francisco Conference Center
255 S Airport Blvd
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Hotel Accommodations

We now have a list of the hotels in the area that they were able to negotiate group rates. We will be working to try and get all of SoCal booked into the same hotel. Don’t worry about booking the rooms, the ACCs are working on that for you. The price shown is per room per night but remember that we are going to have about 4 people per room.

  • Citigarden Hotel – $99 to $109/night + tax
  • Holiday Inn – $159/night + tax
  • Four Points Sheraton – $179/night + tax

As a cluster, SoCal ACCs have decided that we are going to try and all stay in the same hotel. We are likely to be booking the room at the Holiday Inn, which is walking distance to the Conference Center. We will be trying to get an accurate head count of Conference attendees by March 1st so that we as a cluster will begin reserving rooms at the hotel.

Holiday Inn San Francisco Airport North
373 S Airport Blvd
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Current Registrants

These are the current registrants for conference so far. If you find an error please let me know and I will contact NorCal look into it more. If you remember registering on the SFC Conference Website and you are not on this list please let me know ASAP.

We currently have 36 members registered and of those 14 members that are registered and currently paid. Many of the remaining members are Chicago attendees.

Registrants [Updated 2-9-2015]
Name Status Notes
Jomar A.  Chicago Attendee
Jaime A.  Chicago Attendee
Patrick A.  Paid
Kit A.  Chicago Attendee
Lordy B.  Chicago Attendee
Jaina B.  Chicago Attendee
Alyssa B.  Paid
Ralph C.  Chicago Attendee
Tita Ana D.  Chicago Attendee
Mica D.  Paid
Tito Ricky D. Chicago Attendee
Jellica D.  Chicago Attendee
Eli G.  Chicago Attendee
Ellie H.  Chicago Attendee
Carla J.  Chicago Attendee
Carol L.
Jed M.  Paid
Chuck M.  Chicago Attendee
Jill M.  Paid  Chicago Attendee
George O.  Paid
Kat O.  Paid
Charles P.  Paid
Marynol P.  Paid
Junior P.  Chicago Attendee
Jamie R.  Chicago Attendee
Mario R.  Paid
Mon R.  Paid  Chicago Attendee
Lara R.  Chicago Attendee
Jodee S.  Paid
Jared S.  Chicago Attendee
Dimples S.  Chicago Attendee
Clement T.  Paid
Clark T.  Chicago Attendee
Celine V.  Chicago Attendee
Mark V.  Chicago Attendee
John V.  Paid

How Can I Register?

Follow these steps if you want to register for Conference.

  1. Register on the SFC Conference Website to officially register
  2. Register with SFC Orange County Website so we can keep in contact
  3. Let your Household Head know

For any further questions about the upcoming Conference please contact Ralph or Jellie.

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