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Calling All Prayer Warriors!

Attention all Prayer Warriors! If you haven’t checked it out since last week, I added a prayer request area on the website. If you would like to pray for fellow members, this may become a great place to check for the needs of others.

If you have any prayer requests please submit them and I will add them to the website. The form on the website is completely anonymous and will not ask for your name, the request you put in will be copy and pasted for the website so feel free to write what you would like to prayed for.


Don’t Call It A Comeback!

As you may have noticed, the SFC OC Chapter newsletter that used to be posted on Facebook and/or emailed out to our members has not been released lately. With a busy schedule and the editor being out of town, there was not much time to continue on with the newsletter. The newsletter is no more, but now we have a new medium. I would like to formally announce the SFC OC Chapter website!

This website was made to help create another place to input and share information about the events going on in the chapter as well as a place that we can share with people to get information about the community. The website contains an event calendar, event summaries, and information about the community. I hope that there will also be more chances to inspire and provoke meditation over some of the lessons that can be shared here as well.

The website can be accessed by going to so save the website as a bookmark, add it to your home page, or anything that you do to keep your favorite websites accessible. If you would like to join in and help contribute to the website please let me know and we can see what we can do! You can email me at

May God be praised!

Conference 2015

SFC Conference 2015 [Updated!]

Registration is now open for the most anticipated SFC event of 2015! This year it will be hosted by SFC Northern California and will be held at the South San Francisco Conference Center. For more information use the link below to go to the registration website.

Register Now!

Sign up now for the lowest Conference registration prices ever! As a reminder, if you attended the 2014 SFC Conference in Chicago you automatically get the Earliest Bird pricing of $150 for the 2015 SFC Conference. You will need to register on the website before the end of the year, but you are able to hold off your payment until next year if needed.

Theme: “Love More” John 21:15-17

For More Information: Email | Instagram | Twitter

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Welcoming Assembly

October Post-CLP Assembly

On October 9th we had our Post-CLP Assembly at St. Mary’s to welcome our newest members from the St. Martin Christian Life Program. We had a few new members join us for this assembly. We also found out our new households and some announcements of movement within the group.

New Household Heads:

  • Ellie
  • Elijah
  • Mary

New Unit Heads & PFOs:

  • Unit Head: Dimples
  • PFO: Kit & Lordy

New SFC Members:

  • Basil
  • Jade
  • Jed
  • Jodee
  • Karen
  • Mark
  • Maoey
  • Monica
  • Yon

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