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Basketball: SFC OC Orange vs SFC OC-SD Gold

This past Sunday we had a couple basketball match ups that were a whole lot of fun! We had just barely missed OC White’s game, but I was able to make it to the OC Orange vs OC-SD Gold match. There was something special about this match, for the first 5 minutes of each half of the match we had both teams’ sisters play on their own. Check out  the post to see the great time that everyone had.

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CLP begins in a week!

Singles For Christ Orange County chapter will be having a Christian Life Program for those that are interested in joining a cross-parish unmarried young adult ministry. Singles For Christ is a community of unmarried young adults from different parishes in the Orange County area, other chapters of the community are spread throughout not only California but throughout the United States.

The Christian Life Program is the way that we introduce you to our ministry to promote a healthy faith walk with God, while strengthening each other through fellowship and teachings. We help our community through serving different charities, and serving at church services.

If you are even the little bit curious of what SFC is all about, check us out on Saturday afternoons. For more information go to the Christian Life Program page and sign up for more information.


Love More? Save More on Conference 2015!

We have some exciting news to share with you all! We have several ways of reducing the cost of Conference and also helping those that need help with the cost of going to Conference. We hope that you will join us to try and get as many people to experience this awesome event this summer!

As more updates come, we remind you to keep checking the Conference page which is located on the main navigation of our website. This will allow to stay up to date on everything Conference related, especially ways to lower your Conference fees!

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SFC Conference 2015 – Last Call For Earliest Bird

It’s the last call for the Earliest Bird pricing for the 2015 “Love More ” Conference. Register and send your payment by tomorrow to ensure you pay the lowest cost for Registration.

Curious about what happens at Conference? Check out the video below for a little taste of what goes down at Conference, OC Style! Don’t miss out on the biggest event of the year, while meeting hundreds of other SFC members around the USA.


SFC Database Registration

Hello everyone, we are currently trying to register everyone for the SFC Global Database. We just need a little help from you if you are a member by providing some information to us to help you get registered. If you have a minute or two please fill out the following information on the website and we will get that all setup for you. If you previously registered with your Household Head, please ignore this as you have already registered.

We have a deadline coming up soon so that we can order the first batch of ID Cards for everyone that registered on the database to have them ready for Conference!

Deadline: January 15

Register Now!

The registration will help CFC cater to our needs based on our Chapter’s demographics. This will also help us celebrate upcoming birthdays, track the Conferences you have been to, as well as other growth within the community.


“Love More” Conference 2015

The New Year has come, which now means we are only about 8.5 months away from SFC Conference 2015 in San Francisco!! With more great news, the early bird pricing is still in effect for 2 more weeks. The guys up north wanted to get everyone that wanted to go a chance to attend for the lowest registration cost. So don’t delay, registration prices go up $25 dollars as of January 15th coming to a total of $175.

Here’s what to do if you want to go!

  1. Register on the SFC Conference website
  2. Complete the survey so we can keep track
  3. If you haven’t registered for the SFC OC Database yet, complete this survey as well

Registration Costs include:

  • Conference Fees for 8/21 – 8/23
  • Lunch for 8/22
  • Dinner for 8/22

More information on the cost for hotel accommodations will come at another time. Accommodations are currently in negotiations with the hotels in the area.

If you need any information or questions about this year’s upcoming Conference, please contact our friendly neighborhood ACCs Ralph and Jellie. They will help you get the answers to all those burning questions you may have about Conference. You won’t want to miss out on the biggest event of the year!

Last Chance to Save More on the Love More Conference

It’s Christmas Eve, so that means the deadline for the Earliest Bird pricing for the 2015 Conference is coming soon. You only have one more week to ensure that you get the best price for registration. Earliest Bird pricing is set to end on December 31st, so register now!

Register Now!

If you attended 2014 Chicago Conference, you are guaranteed to pay the Earliest Bird pricing but you must need to Register on the website before December 31st just like everyone else. Unlike those that did not attended last year’s conference, Chicago Attendees do not need to send their checks by December 31st.

Theme: “Love More” John 21:15-17

For More Information: Email | Instagram | Twitter

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Countdown to Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas has begun and we are only a little over a week until Christmas! But that also means that we must prepare for Christ’s birth. Simbang Gabi has started at a few churches in the OC area and Penance services have also begun!

This is my first time doing Simbang Gabi, something I did not know very much about so I thought that I should research it a little bit.

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi is a tradition of Advent in the Philippines. The translation stands for Night Mass and usually start early AM. Simbang Gabi is a nine day novena usually ending on the morning of Christmas Eve. It is held to prepare for the arrival of Christ and to honor The Blessed Virgin Mary. Originally was started so that farmers in the Philippines under Spanish rule would be able to go to church before tending to the fields. It has become a distinctive characteristic of Filipino tradition of advent.

Local Simbang Gabi Services are as follows:

  • Dec 15-Dec 23 @ Holy Family (Tagalog)
  • Dec 16-Dec 24 @ St. Justin Martyr (English)
  • Dec 16-Dec 24 @ St. Irenaeus (English)

Penance Services

As part of the Advent season, Penance services are becoming available at several different churches so that you can go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. These services have several priests available to offer confession so that many people can be squeezed in during the service. We strongly encourage that you go to one and prepare your heart for the coming of Christ.

Upcoming Local Penance Services are as follows:

  • Dec 18 @ St. Anthony Claret – 7PM
  • Dec 19 @ St. Philip Benizi – 7PM
  • Dec 23 @ St. Pius V – 7PM